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Build your Temple in the Ethers

What is a sacred space? Do you have a space where you can go that is holy to you? A space that represents your highest values, a space which invokes a sense of awe and reverence?

Mankind has build temples, churches, mosques and more throughout history to support this, almost primal, need for a sacred environment. An environment that connects us to universal, timeless ideas and principles, elevating ourselves beyond the mundane involvement in our individual and common stories.

But no church, no temple, will ever completely resonate with your highest and most sacred visions. No space on earth will be able to represent this personal-to-universal sense of divinity. So why not build something that goes beyond the confines of time and space?

By activating all your senses, directing them instead of being directed by them, you can build your own palace of light that fully resonates with your ever evolving consciousness. There are no limits!

Regular visits

(Image courtesy of: virtosmedia)

Once you have started to build your temple in the sky, it is of the utmost importance to visit regularly! It needs :

  • Maintenance and upkeep

  • Cleaning

  • Your presence and prayer

  • Regular re-shaping

  • Redecorating

Give it a go and start describing it for yourself. Imagine visits and sleepovers! It's your space, make it so that you really want to be there!


It is not easy to find the peaceful and quiet meditative mind to visit your light castle, so you will need an earthly reminder. You could visit your local mosque or church, temple or teahouse, gurdwara or yoga center, which is an essential environment to connect your individual divinity to the universal. We need community to make this link.

Such a communal space will always contain an altar. A place of focus, a place to surrender the mind and lay down your head. The altar as the alternative.

We all carry such an altar within our heart, which we actually forget about most of the time. The physical altar outside is a friendly reminder. A place of celebration and contemplation on our inner guidance.

Your Sacred Corner

We are free to take the altar home, in our house. We are free to decorate it and put it anywhere we want. As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended to create a sacred space inside your house!

In kundalini yoga we often sit on a sheepskin for our practice. This has several reasons and benefits, and one of these is that it kind of represents a seat in your divine sky temple! An actual space, a spot in your house, or anywhere actually, that makes you tune into you and into your space!


To really establish this sense of domain, you will eventually grow beyond this one space and all will be included.

There is a marvellous affirmation that you can do towards this realisation.

You can listen to an audio recording of this affirmation by filling in the form at the bottom.

Me within Me is the Purity

Me within Me is the Reality

Me within Me is the Grace

I Am the Master of the Space

Affirmations like these, mantras, postures, movements and meditations are what we practice in kundalini yoga. In the teacher training level 1 we establish a firm discipline with these teachings and learn to facilitate a sacred space for others. For the time that you are guiding a class, you represent the higher self of the student. You are the alternative. You can invite them into your temple. This is a wonderfully uplifting experience 🙏


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