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Embracing Change: Finding Direction in Times of Transition

Change can be challenging. Especially in times of transition, many questions arise as to which direction to go, who or what to trust, to play it safe or to take a risk. In this way life presents us with many opportunities for growth. It is a kindness. We have been given this life to learn, and to wake up to our true nature.


That sounds nice, uplifting, and kind of unreal. More than often we look at life in a different way, like for instance: “Why does everything have to be such a challenge?” With a bit of self-pity. Change is scary and exhausting! So why not stay in bed, right?


To get the right kind of motivation it is important to see things for what they are, and then to act on that. You are not a victim of circumstance. First thing we have to realise is that everything is not what it seems.

Everything is not what it seems. Escher cube. Yoga gives insight into Truth and reality.


(Image courtesy of: By 4C - Own work, based on PNG versioon, CC BY-SA 3.0)

For example, we live in a world which is governed by 3 main illusions:


·      The illusion of separation.

·      The illusion of ‘what I see is all there is’.

·      The illusion of permanence.


You are connected to everything and everyone on such a profound level, that if you begin to sense this, your needs in life will start to shift radically. They will align themselves to your true intention, your ‘original idea’, which is a DNA roadmap deeply engrained in your being, and which is pointed straight at unfolding your life’s destiny. Certainly, you have hunches and intuition in this direction already. This feeling can only grow stronger and stronger. There were times when you found it, then you lost it again. Let's stay with it this time!


If you are reading this, you are probably already very aware that there is much more than what you can see. The Mind keeps making a strong case though, because it is so connected to the visual sense. A never-ending effort to train your Mind is therefore inevitable. This will be hard work always, let there be no illusions about that either.


Change is the only constant. Again, it is our Mind that projects it’s past into the future, thus trying to establish a sense of predictability (so-called hope), and wishfully ignores that everything changes all the time. If we think that things are permanent, we are at least willing and motivated to invest our energy in life. If we are faced with the Truth of an unknown future in each moment, this will likely paralyze us. When this undeniable reality dawns on us to an ever-greater degree, we are faced with the scariest scenario of all; we are not in control! This leaves us with nothing else than Faith. Faith in what? Yes, please do keep that question in Mind!

Meditation Kriya for Brosa (Trust)

Image of the posture for the Meditation for Trust

This meditation affects the element of trust in the human personality. Trust is the basis of faith and commitment and the sense of reality. It will elevate the spirit for the practitioner to stand up to any challenge. It builds and balances the aura from the Fourth Chakra up.

Want to recieve the full explanation & video of this mediation.


Our feeling of direction is highly influenced by our past, which makes total sense of course. We learn from our past, we build on our experiences and we grow naturally. In times of transition, whatever this might mean to you, we get an opportunity to make a jump. If we have trained ourselves well, we will be able to channel our fears, and take a leap of Faith. Reaching up and deep within to connect to an underlying sense of direction that is more connected to magic than to logic. This allows us to break free from the bonds of our past and discover a renewed sense of Self.


Such a jump is difficult to do on your own, so chose the company that you keep. Chose an environment that supports and stimulates you to remember the Original You.


The process of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training has many sides. One part is intended as a personal development. A safe environment where you are supported and guided into a deeper sense of trust within yourself. At the same time, you are being trained to create such an environment for others also. Whether you become a yoga teacher or not, the ability to hold the space for change is invaluable in any circumstance of life!


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