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I'm Doing This Teacher Training for Me

Most people are not soo good at taking care of themselves. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Do you take care of yourself? Not just in any of these categories, but it needs to be a YES in each of them. And to be able to say YES you probably need to learn how to say NO first.

NO, I will not go out tonight, I need to go to bed early.

NO, I will not have that extra cookie.

NO, I will not do as you tell me.

NO, I am not lazy.

NO, I am not less than anyone else.

NO, I am not going to do this for you now.

NO, I am not over-emotional.

NO, I will not keep going on in the same way.


YES, I will do yoga in the morning. YES, I would like to try this new recipe.

YES, I am sure of myself.

YES, I can do this. YES, I am me and you are you.

YES, let's do this together.

YES, I will take some time to process this.

YES, I am going to invest in me and do the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training on Ibiza 😁



It's all about perspective. We have opinions, angles, yet none of them are universal or stable. They give support, a way to make sense of the world and our feelings, but only temporarily! We are all longing for a sense of peace, a place where we can lay our heads without worrying, comparing, complaining or competing. A place that has the know-how of NO and the possibility of YES.

To connect to this know-how, and to refuel your resources to be able to say YES, we need some time for ourselves in a nourishing environment. A time and place where we surround ourselves with fellow truth-seekers, fellow ME-seekers, supported by Teachings that convey a universal perspective, a cosmic viewpoint.

Kundalini Yoga Teaching has the Mul Mantra at it's core. A root (Mul) mantra. It describes and connects you to the roots of your existence. It was Guru Nanak who gave us this mantra, a poet-saint that lived from 1469-1539 in North-India, and he added at the end: "Aad Such, Jugad Such, Habee Such, Nanak Hosee Bee Such".

He is saying that this " was True in the beginning, is True throughout the Ages, it is True now, Nanak says; this will be True always". Implying that this Mul Mantra goes beyond personal opinion or perspective, and that it provides insight into the fabric of our existence. Something stable and eternal.

Image by: Ajay Kumar Singh (Jordan)

Mul Mantra

Ek (One)

Ong (Through Time)

Kaar (And Space / Creation)

Sat Naam (True Name / Conscious)

Kartaa Purakh (A Merger between Doing & Being)

Nirbho (Fearless)

Nirvair (Revengeless, No Enemy)

Akaal Moorat (Undying)

Ajoonee (Unborn)

Saibhang (Self-illumined)

Gur Prasaad (By Guru's Grace)

Jap (Repeat / Live it!)

Aad Sach (True in the beginning)

Jugaad Sach (True throughout the ages)

Hai Bhee Sach (True even now)

Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach (Nanak says Truth shall ever be)

You can chant along with Mantra Amrita Kaur on this uplifting version of the Mul Mantra here:

You decide

The feeling you have after a deep meditation, some strong physical exercise, an inspiring conversation or while experiencing the beauty of nature. A space of trust and faith where 'all is well'. YES this takes some work. And NO it is not always easy. The strength lies in your decision. Will you choose You? Will you choose to peel back the layers of confusion and deception from all the opinions and angles presented to you every minute, from within and from without?

Meditation, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Mantra singing, training the Mind, good company, good food and beautiful nature is what you can expect at the teacher training on Ibiza. A time away from the daily routine to set-up a new routine that supports You. Super healthy and tasty, vegetarian food that is served to you at set times. A regular morning practice and the experience of deep meditation. Singing mantras in a group, coming to one voice that silences all the other voices in your head.

Teacher within

By taking the opportunity to guide others in their spiritual practice you will integrate this inspiration to a much deeper level. Even if you will never teach a yoga class after this, to discover the teacher within you will serve you for the rest of your life (and possibly beyond...).

Find your teacher's voice, the connection and bridge to Universal Wisdom. What better thing to do for yourself?

Can't wait to start already? To give you a glimpse into the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, we offer you a free online SAMPLE MODULE so you can already experience the wisdom and practices that can shape your personal (and teaching) journey. It will give you a taste of the valuable content you’ll receive during the teacher training.


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