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Walk the Golden Line

Do you recognise this feeling that every choice you make can have enormous consequences while at the same time your actions seem meaningless and without much impact?

But also that some days are better spent in bed, on the couch or lying on the beach, and on other days you seem to be up some gears, getting things done and then some?

Spiritual Teachings of all traditions tell us 2 similar things:

  1. All is already defined and destined to be what it will be and already is. Recognise this and bow your head to God's will.

  2. You have to be better. Do this, do that, do it this way, do it that way.

This sometimes feels like we're being thrown around like a small boat on a stormy sea.

Shakti & Bhakti

In kundalini yoga we express this polarity through the terms Shakti & Bhakti. Shakti is your power, your actions, your ability to move and change things in the world. Bhakti is your devotion. Your awareness that there is only 1 doer, which does through you and every 1. You are asked to pay attention to both.

Similarly, when you are reading, or consulting, a sacred scripture, you often find these alternating messages of surrendering to what is (the ultimate justice is that everything Just-Is) and strong suggestions into righteous action on opposite sides of one page.

You keep reading, keep turning the pages, keep listening and integrating these different messages at different times. Often frustrating and shockingly contradictory!

Intuition and Wisdom

Your inner tuition and your outer devotion to the Teachings and Universal Wisdom keep you exploring these two opposing instructions, often against better judgement from the perspective of your mind.

Until one day, one moment, or one eternity, you come to a point where the only thing you can do and not do is come to a state of merger.

Guru Nanak speaks of Karta Purkh in the Mul Mantra. A merger between being (Purkh) and doing (Karta).

A radical balance between the Yin and the Yang. The Gu (cave, dark) and the Ru (light). Your Karta and your Purkh.

Many holy books have the sides of their pages painted golden. And after lifetimes of turning the pages, eventually one page will remain upright. This will reveal a thin golden line, a shiny knife's edge, which is then the only way to go.

Balancing Act

Every day we are reminded of this balancing act in our lives, and the more we become aware of this, the thinner the tight rope becomes, and the more we are asked to rely on trust and faith instead of angle and opinion.

The Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is designed to make us aware of these two sides of life, to explore both to the fullest and to provide techniques to walk an ever shinier golden line and to take many people with you on the way.


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