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Meet The Team


Bachitar Kaur

Lead Trainer

LEAD TRAINER Bachitar Kaur (Germany) is Teacher Trainer in Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya Consultancy (number awareness). Her passion for a more humane world is reflected in her enthusiasm with which she teaches. Being a strong advocate for female solidarity and community building, she is specialized in Teachings for Women and Conscious Parenting. Bachitar is co- founder of Cherdi Kala Yoga International, initiator of Yogaschule Golden Temple, founder of Yogahouse Prasaad and has co-developed the Divine Woman Program. She has been living and teaching Kundalini Yoga in different countries to students with a broad variety of social and cultural backgrounds and special requirements. Together with Hari Krishan Singh and their two sons she lives in South-Germany at Yogahouse Prasaad – a retreat place for conscious living in nature. She teaches throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

Hari Krisan - MTT
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Hari Krishan Singh

Lead Trainer

LEAD TRAINER Hari Krishan Singh, Dutch but resident in Germany, is co- founder of Cherdi Kala International Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya School along with his wife Bachitar Kaur. He travels and teaches internationally as a Lead Level 1 & 2 and 21 Stages of Meditation  Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer and is a Karam Kriya Consultant, Karam Kriya Yoga Coach and Trainer. He is responsible for establishing many training programs around the world, often in cooperation with the Karam Kriya School and Shiv Charan Singh. With profound understanding and insight into the Teachings and an abundant sense of humor, Hari Krishan’s infectious presence naturally puts people at ease. He brings the Teachings across in a way that is both light and deep and facilitates deep processes of change and personal growth. He lives with his family in South-Germany in Yogahouse Prasaad, their retreat center near Lake Constance.

Ravijit - MTT

Ravijit Kaur

Professional Trainer

PROFESSIONAL TRAINER Ravijit Kaur (Italy) is a student, and Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya Trainer. She has studied with Shiv Charan Singh since 2008 and it is above all thanks to him that she rediscovered the path and the poetry of Sikh Dharma. Deeply transformed by Guru Nanak’s Japji, she translated the original text into italian. She studied cultural anthropology in Bologna, where she obtained a first degree with a thesis in classical world religions and a second degree with a research on the contemporary transmission of oriental philosophies. In 2016, with her partner Luca she founded Nabhi – Centro della Terra,
a beautiful place in the italian Appennines dedicated to the practice, the study and the promotion of disciplines of awareness and art, with the aim of offering a space of conscious life style and dialogue between nature, human and spirit.


Tera Seema Kaur

Mentee & Local Organizer

MENTEE AND LOCAL ORGANISER Tera Seema Kaur (Italy/Spain) is a yoga practitioner since more than 20 years when she approached yoga before through Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar. She is co-founder of Kundalini Amore and trained in psychotherapy bodywork (3 years training). She is actually studying under the guidance of Shiv Charan Singh for the completion of the L2 modules of Kundalini Yoga (KRI certified) and the Karam Kriya consultancy training. She lives on Ibiza since 23 years, where she teaches and holds Kundalini Yoga retreats as a way to offer and spread the teachings to people that come from all over the world to Ibiza. She is co-organiser of this upcoming Level 1

and starting her internship as a “mentee”. She is feeling grateful and honoured for the opportunity to witness and support a new group into the process of becoming themselves.

Tera Seema - MTT
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Dharambi Kaur

Profesional Trainer

My name is Dharambir - Ruth Elisabeth Maier - Kaur. I have dedicated my life to the study and practice of Humanology and Yoga, for the chance of every single embodied spirit to live to its full potential.
I am a practising Physiotherapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Karam Kriya Practitioner as well as Nutrition Trainer in education. Having trained in various parts of the world, learning from some of the best teachers in their field of expertise, I am highly inspired to pass forward the blessings coming through that.
Currently I live in Austria, where I was born. My joy comes from diving into devotional music, moving my body in its natural flow and being in a state of Seva. My wish is, to not merely live with others but be in a place where we live for each other.

Dharambir kaur
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